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Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat Set

Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat Set

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Most of you probably never skip makeup routines, but when is the last time you cleaned makeup brushes? Brush cleaning can be tedious & ineffective, which is why we want to transform it into a Fun, Effective and Therapeutic experience. With each gentle swirl, your brushes are becoming more clean and fluffy. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing all the dirt & makeup residue coming out of your brushes. The “Lotus” & “Soul” on the mat is intended to bring you serenity during the process.

💜 MAKE CLEANING BRUSHES FUN AGAIN - Do you put off cleaning your makeup brushes? Would you like a more portable & efficient way to clean them? ExSoullent Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat Set is the PERFECT solution! Our professional cleaning tools are super easy to use and will make all your dirty brushes squeaky clean in minutes. Now you can enjoy department store quality at half the price !

💜 STRONGER SUCTION CUPS AND DURABILITY GUARANTEED - Our Upgraded Brush Cleaner Mat Kit feature stronger and thicker suctions cups that will not slide around in the sink or fold over. The new mat textures offer greater durability yet are more gentle to the bristles. The silicone is softer and smoother which makes it easier to rinse the makeup off the mats afterwards. 

Package includes:
1 x Deluxe Purple Cleaning Mat (9.1” * 6.7”)
1 x Handheld Cleaning Pad (5.9” * 3.5”)

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Product Details


🔸Made with Super Durable SGS Certified Silicone and STRONGER Suction Cups that will Stick in the sink and not Fold Over.

🔸Made with STRONGER Suction Cups that will Stick in the sink and not Fold Over.

🔸Created to be bigger than most similar products on the market, which means more value to YOU.

🔸Give the PERFECT Gift for any occasion! Top Choice for anyone who loves makeup or skincare.

🔸Designed to clean ALL types of makeup brushes in a Breeze with NO damage to the Bristles.

🔸Includes a Deluxe Sink Mat for weekly brush cleaning and a Handheld Cleansing Palette for travel or daily cleaning.
Obtain Professional results anytime, anywhere, with our Reusable & Travel-Friendly pads.

🔸Stand out from the crowd with our uniquely designed mats; support Mindfulness & Positivity every time you purchase our products.

💜 TWO MATS = MORE OPTIONS - Our brush cleaning mat set includes a deluxe purple mat for washing multiple brushes in the sink and a handheld cleansing palette for travel or daily cleaning. Both mats are portable and will fit perfectly in your handbag, backpack, gym or travel bag. Our gift-ready packaging makes it easy to share the joy of cleaner brushes & clearer face with your friends and family.

💜 CLEAN BRUSHES = CLEAR SKIN - Using our cleaning pads on a regular basis will keep your makeup brushes free from dirt, makeup residue, and dead-skin cells! You will LOVE the feel of clean and soft brushes on your face. Our mat set will cut your cleaning time significantly so you have more time for self-care and to do the things you love.

💜 EFFECTIVE AND ODOR FREE - Our premium quality mats will provide you IMMEDIATE and the best results. Your brushes will look like new after every gentle cleansing with this great cleaner tool. With our mats, you can obtain professional results anytime and anywhere while prolonging the life of your expensive make-up brushes, so Click the Add to Cart button now.


🔮Amethyst Dream (Purple & Orange)

“Amethyst Dream” features the most beautiful shade of purple complimented by soothing orange. We designed the mat with an intention to awaken your intuition and unleash your creativity & true potential. Whenever you use this mat set, repeat this affirmation: “I am intuitive and creative ideas come to me freely and easily”.

💕Aurora Bliss (Rose Pink & Green)

“Aurora Bliss”, as the name infers, is inspired by the electric and mysterious northern lights - Aurora. This set is made of two complimentary neon colors that symbolizes passion and vitality. Whenever you use this mat set, repeat this affirmation: “I have passion for life and the divine life force flows through me freely and easily”.

🧜‍♀️Mermaid Love (Blue & Pastel Pink)

“Mermaid Love” is perfect for those who love mystic creatures (mermaids, unicorns, fairies…etc). The two pastel colors are so gentle and soft, like cotton candy clouds. Our intention is to bring back your wildest imagination and to assist with your communication & expression of love. Whenever you use this mat set, repeat this affirmation: “I am a great communicator and I express love freely and easily”.


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