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A ExSoullent Branded Flannel bag with yoni eggs inside and lush greens surrounding it

Nicole C.

ExSoullent never fails to deliver! I love their Yoni Steam 🌿, so I decided to give their Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs a try too :) I was a little bit hesitant at first because the price is a bit more than the other cheaper options, but you get what you pay for and I am so happy I gave it a chance. It is worth EVERY penny! - From the packaging to the thoughtful accessory, from the beautiful authentic yoni eggs to the detailed & heartwarming ebook 📙! Not to mention the top-notch customer service! You could tell they put a lot of heart & soul into the product ! This is the type of company I wanna support! I will def be buying more for my spiritual friends 😇✨🔮

A customer image of ExSoullent Yoni Steaming Herbs 4 OZ and a Caption "and the relaxation begin"


I am so happy I decided to give this product a try!!! I have been struggling bad with lack of periods since I was 14 when I got the hpv shot .. I would get it maybe 3 times a year and after I had my miracle baby 4 years ago I have only had it 3 times. none of the prescriptions from doctors worked but they did cause other problems!!! So recently I've been looking into natural living and then read about this product and I said welp I tried everything else what’s this going to hurt .I didn’t have really any expectations of it working . however when I got it I waited a few days and finally did it #1 it is the most relaxing experience every! I am also a Christian so I sat there and played low Christian music and yoni steamed its was beautiful! TWO DAYS AFTER MY PERIOD CAME !!!!!So I am so happy and thankful and I will be using this product continuously!!!! I am now a forever customer!!! Thank you guys. Thank you God.

A beautiful teenage girl holding the purple ExSoullent makeup brush cleaning mat on one hand and a mac makeup brush on the other side

Natalia R.

This is a must buy purchase if you use makeup brushes. These two products will help you clean your brushes quickly and efficiently. I used to clean my brushes by rubbing them into a bar of soap and then rub bristles against my palm. Now I rub the bristles against the textured patterns on this silicon mat. It's fast and easy. I really like this for cleaning my foundation brushes. What makes this even better are the suction cups, which you can use to attach to your sink to keep the mat from moving when you rub the brush against it. Also check out the how to video I. YouTube. Great buy. Will buy as gifts for my girlfriends.


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