Brand Message & Story

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Growing up in China as a female I was not as valued as a male. As a second born child in my family, I knew my dad really wanted me to be a son... Deep down, I felt I was the unwanted kid and I wasn’t worthy of love. I sought validation solely from external recognition due to low self-esteem and low self-worth. I was super depressed and had an ongoing eating disorder. All I ever wanted as a young girl was for someone to believe in me but I never truly believed in myself.


At the end of 2009, I came to the US to marry my husband (our love story is worthy of a whole blog on its own). His unconditional love and support are what make me truly blossom and soar. I started to discover and evolve... and I finally found my voice and true worth. I couldn’t have done it without him!


For the first couple of years that I lived in the US, I was still in a constant approval-seeking mode. I excelled in school, won numerous awards and scholarships, and graduated summa cum laude from a top Business School all while working in a prestigious commercial real estate investment firm. I was able to complete a multi-million-dollar transaction within two months of me working in the firm. However, when I received that first big paycheck, I felt an emptiness after the initial adrenaline rush.


All my life I went after money, attention, and status because that is what my father wants me to accomplish. I never asked myself “why?” As if I was his puppet that only followed the orders. That sense of emptiness shook me to my core… That was also a time where I started to become a vegetarian and discover the spiritual nature of my existence. I asked myself “what is MY life purpose?” “what truly makes ME happy?” I know that I am the happiest when the things I create (blogs, books, drawings, videos, stories or products) inspire or help others even when I am not compensated financially. That makes me feel worthy at the core of my being.


I realized True Beauty lies within and True Value lies in the positive impact I create. It is my life mission to empower and inspire other struggling young women. At ExSoullent, I want to provide the best service & value to customers while inspiring them to connect with their inner beauty & strength. I instilled love, kindness, and integrity in every aspect of my business. My ultimate goal is to create a strong conscious brand that will also give back to our community and people in need, especially struggling young women.


I put all my heart & soul into my business. I stand behind my product & show integrity in dealing with others. I want to give value & empower my customers to follow their passion, esp. women, which was why I spent hours writing eBooks to share my experience & perspective. I want my business to embody a perfect balance of strength & vulnerability; intuition & analytical thinking; independence & collaboration; kindness & assertiveness; and attention to detail & my ability to see the big picture.


Thanks so much for reading my stories! I truly appreciate your love and support! Let us embark on our journey to true beauty and empowerment together!


Founder & Owner, ExSoullent