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Awakened but Lost Souls...  

Lan Shu

Posted on March 12 2020

Awakened but Lost Souls...   


We are living in a world where most people have forgotten who they truly are, but more people start to awaken to the truth of their Divine Nature. As awakened souls, we are constantly facing a dilemma of exposing the truths to unawakened souls OR to see them continue suffering from the illusions of their egos. Sometimes, we feel lost because we are not sure what to do. The following message is for myself and also for those who feels the same.      

 -Sense of Not Belonging-

This is a difficult period. Your whole perception on life has changed. You can never look at anything, anyone the same way again. You start speaking the truths from your heart and wanting so badly to share them with others... You want to overpower the shadows around you with the Light but it hurts their eyes... They start covering their "faces", they start escaping from you, they start shunning you... Because they are not ready for the Light... Not ready to SEE.

"Shall I just 'shut up' and let them go on with their life of shame, guilt, misery when I know the way to freedom and happiness?" You ask... What would be worse? To know that at least you tried and there might be a slight chance of them resonating to the msg later OR to let them go on with their own life paths... But there is a reason they are in your life and That you feel and know their pain... You can't just pretend that You don't know... Even if it might "offend" their ego initially; even if they think you are "judging" them ... Stick with your heart and love and let your words flow through you with complete openness and presence...

They are not against you; they are against the aspects of themselves that were exposed by your Light! Dimming your Light is not going to make those aspects go away... It is going to allow them sinking into a deeper subconscious hole... As Katy Perry sings " you just gotta ignite your Light and let it shine "...


Continue to be the Light! For the world needs you!

Continue to be the Love, for the people around you are seeking it.

Continue to be the Joy, for that is what you came here to experience ! 


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