Intuitive Reading Session 1

Intuitive Reading Session 1


Happy Saturday everyone! Another free reading for those who see this message ^^ The card we got today is “Heartache & Loss” from the Psychic Tarot Card Deck . Quite frankly, I was a little bit hesitant to put out this post today, because as soon as I drew the card, I felt this overwhelming sorrow, heart pain and despair… I feel for YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES who experienced loss, heartache…betrayal or are still experiencing it…

However, I knew I needed to post it because the loving Angels and the Source are reminding us that it is important to embrace the LIGHT in our life, but it is equally important to face and embrace the Darkness and Shadows. For only out of the darkness, loss and despair; the intense desire to seek the LIGHT can start to sprout in our soul. You might feel like the whole world is crashing down or out of the control… embrace those feelings and then releasing them completely… sit with those emotions and dig deeper!

Every experience in our life is a chance for learning, growth and expansion. Integrate the mental with the spiritual aspects of yourself, so that you can unleash your inner voice and wisdom!

The number 3 is usually associated with the Ascended Masters (Jesus Christ, Buddha…etc.), ask for their guidance and support! Ask them to transmute the pent-up negative emotions. They will always be there to assist you when you need them. As this card depicts so accurately that even everything around you seems to be falling apart…look further and outside of the box, there is always a sunny, clear and lovely sky waiting for you when you are ready!


[NOTE: This free reading is a "mass reading", so not everything in the message would be resonating with you. Use your intuition and pick words that speaks to you the most.]


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