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Intuitive Reading Session 2

Lan Shu

Posted on March 13 2020

Intuitive Reading Session 2
This card reading is for everyone who sees the card:) Today's card is "The Empress". What a wonderful card! For most ladies out there, this card simply means that you or people around you  are either pregnant now or are expecting a pregnancy! You will soon be holding the fruit of your love in your arms.
If you have concerns or worries regarding the parenthood, please call upon the Angels or the Divine Spirit for help. They will be there to guide and assist you along your journey of the motherhood. They will equip you with the kindness, love, nurturing abilities, strength and assertiveness you need to raise and protect your children. 

This card could also mean that you are finally ready to channel your inner wisdoms and manifest your dreams into reality! If you feel an impulse or an influx of creative energies and ideas, act on them! They are the steps that will lead you to your dream career, relationship and health! Infinite abundance is heading your way and sky is the limit!
For the mature audience out there, this card is a message for you to guide , mentor and nurture others that are in need to find and follow their life purpose. Sharing and giving is the best way to prove your love for yourself, others and all that is in existence. We can all use the blessings in our lives to bless others! 
[NOTE: This free reading is a "mass reading", so not everything in the message would be resonating with you. Use your intuition and pick words that speaks to you the most.]

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