Intuitive Reading Session 3

Intuitive Reading Session 3


The Card I drew for you today is “Ace of Spring”. What a wonderful “call-to-action” card! If you are ever wondering whether or not to pursuit a career, a project or a new relationship. This card is your affirmation that you should go after it!

All of your past hard work/experiences/lessons have planted seeds in your soul. It is now ready to blossom and fruit! Keep up your good work and you shall see the results! This card also symbolizes new life, vitality, wonderful transformation, nurturing and kindness! All these qualities are essential for your to carry on the opportunities at hand OR yet to come and bring in a satisfactory completion.

Shed your fears, concerns and doubts about yourself and the circumstances. In order to embark on a limitless future, it is important to release the old limiting beliefs about yourself and the world. Take a deep breath - breathe in confidence, wellbeing and courage; breathe out fears, griefs and sorrow.

This card also means that you are near the end of a challenging situation, move forward with hope and optimism! Wonderful and positive changes are around the corner! Go out there and grab them! Go after your the dreams that you have planned on for so long! They are yours!


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