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Love & Healing (Miracles)

Lan Shu

Posted on March 13 2020

Love & Healing (Miracles)


Love is the most beautiful & powerful thing in the world. Everyone is either consciously or subconsciously searching for that magical LOVE. They are waiting to meet with their soul mates, or to find that one person who would love them for whom they are. When they finally meet someone in their life, they become lost or confused because they are not sure if that person is the ONE. Their mind can not reconcile with their heart. 

“Love is in the air, is everywhere…” - Love is a magical essence that runs through our body. As a young child, you could feel that wonderful energy in you. You were filled with light, love and joy! Yet you didn’t know what it was. You were just having adventures and fun! The energy in you seems to never die out. Love was able to fully embody a child because the child is, to a great degree, allowed to fully express its Being. Love was there with you simply because you exist! 

Eventually, social, cultural, educational conditioning start to confine that pure essence as children grows up. They felt that spark dimming down inside of them, so they began to seek that magical spark externally. It was the most “logical” step at that moment. After all, society made us believe that we have limited power and potential; some people are more special, powerful, and popular than us; we are only recognized by how much we own and what we do; we don’t have much intrinsic values…the list goes on. With that mindset, something as wonderful as Love has to be something outside of us. We must work very hard to earn and deserve that Love. We must also cling on to anything or anyone that reminds us slightly of that Love, so we won’t regret it for the rest of our life. Some people are so deprived of Love that their being is filled with hatred, guilt, shame, anger and violence. They would do things to hurt innocent people, but deep down they are in GREAT amount of pain and suffering that only LOVE can heal. 

The truth is Love is always one with us. It is the vital energy that runs through our Being. The moment we reignite the Love within us, that Love will radiant outwards and illuminate everything & everyone we touch; that Love will attract the very person we have been looking for our entire life; that Love will empower and heal others; that Love will reconnect us as ONE.

It will take extreme amount of trust and courage to start look inwards, but the rewards will be permanent and extraordinary. Initially, you will be confronted with the “shadows” that accumulated around the Love. Do not push them away or suppress them, for they are part of you. Self-love requires us to show compassion to ourselves; to understand why we did or did not do certain things; to forgive ourselves for what we did or did not do; to accept ourselves for who we were and who we will continue to become. Self-Love is the ultimate power to reignite the Spark inside of us. 

We came to this world with a deep knowing of “who we are” - then we became lost-and now it is the time to find ourselves again! It is the magical ride of life. 

Love offers tremendous amount of healing - not only for ourselves but also our loved ones. Love and Miracle goes hand in hand. I have experienced the magical power of Love many time since my spiritual awakening. 

One morning, I was making a smoothie. There was a pressure cooker right next to my blender. I like to leave the pressure cooker lid upside down so it gets dry. If you are familiar with a pressure cooker, the inside of the lid is made of a very hard metal with sharp edges. I was in somewhat of a rush to get ready for school that morning. When I try to pull the blender container out of the base, I scraped my finger  (on the right hand) against the sharp edges of the pressure cooker lid. My finger was immediately swelling up and started bleeding (it also turned blackish purple). It didn’t really kill my mood for the morning because I was so grateful for my frozen banana smoothie blended with dates and coconut water. It tastes divine! As a morning routine, I like to bless my food. 

As I place my right hand over my smoothie bowl, I started praying “Thanks Source/God for this amazing food, for this amazing experience here on earth. I am grateful for this opportunity, this chance to experience and learn. I know I am you and you live through me. I know that we are ONE. I know that I am made of Love, Light and Joy… Bless this food with the divine Love and Light and may it nourish my body, soul and spirit…thank you…” As I was praying, my body started radiating this immense amount of heat and love…it extends to every cell of my body… esp. through my right hand. I felt the tingling sensations and wonderful energies through my fingers. It was truly amazing. 

I sat down and started drinking my smoothie. All the sudden, I noticed my right hand finger that got injured 5 minutes ago. The swelling was completely gone and the bleeding stopped. There was only a light trace of “cut line” on my finger. There was no pain and no noticeable sign of bruise or injury. I was truly amazed! It was a miracle that I wasn’t even aware of as I was experiencing it. I felt so much Love and I knew life was supposed to be filled with magical moments like that.  

That magical experience brought me back memories of my childhood. Every time I was physically abused, I would intuitively put my hand over the wound. Eventually the pain would disappear and the wound would heal. It wasn’t an instantaneous healing like this experience, because I wasn’t fully tuned in with the Love within. I was standing in a place of disempowerment.  

I started to use the healing energies (Qi, Prana or Reiki) frequently after that magical experience. I healed my dog after she accidentally fell down from a tall bar stool in our kitchen. She was crippled and had trouble walking. I know most of you would take her to the vet as my husband wanted to do. I knew the vet would just prescribe her with pain killer and perform an X-ray exam. I had so much belief in the power of Love that I knew I could heal her. I started holding her in my arm and channel Love energies into her being. I would do it once or twice a day. I could see that she was getting better. Within two days, she was back to normal and hopping around the house like her normal self.

I haven’t received any type of formal training, but I know everyone has that power within them, for that healing energy is LOVE. Now, are you ready to reignite the Love and Let it Shine?


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